Hotelcare are the country’s leading hotel support services company, providing the hospitality industry with top rated services and staff from Room Attendants to Executive Housekeepers. With over 30 year's experience of providing award winning services to over 200 hotels nationwide, cleaning over 30,000 rooms per day. Full Service provisions are detailed under our Services page but include self serviced apartments, the leisure industry, public area services and corporate office spaces. As of 2023 HotelCare have now partnered with ICE UK to bring robotic and chemical free cleaning services to our clients to maximise efficiency and support our colleagues on the ground.


Tony Brooks

Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer and Co-Owner, Tony leads a dedicated team committed to delivering an outstanding service in all aspects of the business. Tony brings skills gained from his background in Facilities Management, working in global corporations for over 30 years. His main objective is to ensure HotelCare is considered to be the “Best in Class” outsourced provider of housekeeping solutions, while maintaining a truly motivated team as the Employer of Choice.

Joel Moore

Chief Financial Officer

After working in senior financial roles in large Blue Chip companies across Europe for over 20 years, Joel joined HotelCare in 2017, and was central in restoring to business to profitability. As Co-Owner and Chief Financial Officer, he leads a first class Finance and Payroll team, and oversees all business proposals to ensure fair and intelligent pricing is offered to all new and existing clients. Joel’s driving goal is a commitment to ensuring HotelCare provides an optimum experience to hotel guests, a premium solution to all HotelCare clients, a safe and desirable workplace for its employees, offers environmentally friendly innovation to the hospitality sector, and is perceived as the leading brand in the housekeeping sector.

Tiffany Monsees

Divisional Director of the Southern region

Tiffany has worked in the hospitality industry for over 10 years, performing multiple roles ranging from Hotel Management to Facility Management, before being invited to join the Board in January 2022. In 2016, Tiffany was awarded the Hospitality sector Acorn Award, in recognition of her contribution to the industry as a whole and of her impact on, and inspiration to, others. Among Tiffany's responsibilities is the management of Hotelcare's key accounts, and building partnerships and relationships to ensure success for all parties. In everything she does, Tiffany believes people are at the heart of what we do, and she is always looking to create conditions for all to flourish.

Neil Heath

Divisional Director of the Northern Region

Neil is an accomplished senior operations professional, with extensive large-scale team leadership expertise gained from over 20 years’ experience in retail, hospitality & facilities management. Within his role of Divisional and Board Director, he consistently delivers influential, collaborative contributions to company C-suites, to support strategic growth.

Joseph Costello

Head of Payroll, Benefits and Data Analyst Services

Joe's payroll career began in Local and Central UK Government services. Bringing with him over 12 years’ worth of experience in the payroll industry he now manages the Hotel Care Payroll, Benefits platform and IT data services, Benefits services and HotelCare's own time & Attendance systems used in every site we operate in.

Anca Nyendwa

Regional Manager of the South

Anca joined HotelCare over fifteen years ago as a room attendant. Throughout her career, Anca has consistently improved process's within HotelCare, resulting in her promotion to Regional Manager in September 2021. Anca believes that the success of the business lies in delivering the most effective housekeeping solutions for our clients, and she prioritises the development of her team as being key to achieving this goal. Among Anca's strengths is her ability to see potential in others and develop future leaders.

Alicja Popek

Area Manager of the Midlands Region

Alicja is a people focused and commercial Area Manager with over 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Starting in 2012 as a Room Attendant, she brings in depth and hands on experience to ensure her team and client needs are met 100% of the time. With experience in managing multiple locations, she is prepared and capable of taking on any challenge in a rapidly changing, highly competitive market.

Anna Lauber

Area Manager of the Southern Region

Anna began her career with Hotelcare as a room attendant over seven years ago. During Anna's first three years with Hotelcare, she also worked at our partner hotels in a variety of roles, including reception and team leadership. By working directly with our clients, she has gained further skills that have helped her rapidly develop her career within Hotelcare. As a result, she was given her first management position as a Head Housekeeper, where she quickly demonstrated her leadership skills, and developed into her new role as Area Manager covering over 20 sites across the South and Southwest of England.

Adelina Ratiu

Area Manager of the London Region

Adelina has more than ten years' experience in hospitality, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the business. Her responsibilities include the management of housekeeping in over 30 hotels, providing excellent customer service, optimising operations, and meeting challenging targets. The key to Adelina's success is her ability to understand and resolve key issues and obstacles, and she is a strong believer in the power of positive thinking and the ability to motivate, inspire, and lead a team effectively.

Allistair Cranston

Area Manager of the Scottish Region

Allistair started his hospitality career in 1999 and has vast experience working across all hotel areas of work. Allistair is people and commercially focused, with an eye for detail and thrives in the ever changing hospitality landscape. Allistair is the latest person to join our management team in 2022 overseeing HotelCare's operating in Scotland.